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Os Mutantes - The Sixth Finger LP


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Os Mutantes - The Sixth Finger: Singles, Rarities And Outtakes 1965-1968
This is some strange material! Originally intended as the title of Os Mutantes' second album, The Sixth Finger was refused by their label and the name was left to gather dust. In its reincarnated form the title bands together a collection of unreleased and live tracks, outtakes, and advertising jingles. Many of them, like the wildly schizophrenic "A Voz Do Morto," features the legendary Caetano Veloso. The cover image features a picture from the cancelled Mutant photo sessions for their second album and only hints at the madness within. The tracks here are definitely far more out there than anything we've heard from the band before. Certainly something for the psyche heads and the beardy weirdos out there. But don't let that description scare you away. Give the tracks a listen and let "The Sixth Finger" do its thing to you.
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Glória Ao Rei Dos Confins Do Além (2 Festival Estudantil Da Musica Popular Br-Lp 1968)
Panis Et Circenses (Outake 22, 1968)
É Proibido Proibir (Boite Sucata 1968)
Ando Meio Desligado_Não Faz Marola (Long)
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Balada Do Louco (Outake 1972)
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Caminhante Noturno (França 1969)
Mutantes E Caetano - Marcianita 1968
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Mutantes E Caetano - A Voz Do Morto 1968
Batemacumba (França 1969)
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