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The Real Bad News - Black and White and Red All Over (Deke Dickerson) CD


Product Information

This mystery band called The Real Bad News with their debut album "Black & White & Red All Over" comes out of Sacramento -- maybe. This act, which sounds alot like The Untamed Youth, can really lay down the 60´s frat deal with loads of feeling and guts. They were discovered by Deke Dickerson while they opened for him in California´s capital city - Deke recorded and produced the band. So it says...

Actually from what we've heard it IS Deke Dickerson!

1. We're The Bad News
2. Think
3. Don't Get Me Wrong
4. You Don't Care
5. Krispy Kreme
6. Leave My Woman Alone
7. Hello Walls
8. Davie's Grumpy Mood
9. Cast The First Stone
10. I Had A Dream
11. Takin' Out The Trash
12. Midnight Blues
13. I Hate Fords
14. County Line
15. Hangin' At The Alibi


Product Code: THESMZVZ15


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